What up tho?

from the kitchen couch!

Ceviche con pulpo

It’s the foodie who ain’t bougie.

Let Loose! Relax. What’s really going on in the kitchen? Take a seat.

It’s time to change up how we foodies talk about food. It’s not just something old bougie people talk about. I mean damn, can a brotha enjoy a foie terrine w/ a lil cranberry glaze? (Yeah look it up) What about elk tartar; fried egg atop and truffle? Doro Wot with some fresh injera, Yuk gae jang w/myeolchi and kimchi? Ex-act-ly!! the list goes on and. We’re all just trying to enjoy the finner things in life?

Peking duck

What you’ll get out of this:

1. Hella bomb food

2. Food culture

3. Health n shit

4. Techniques n recipes

5. Dope food spots to eat/what to look for in a good restaurant

6. Discussions about the shit


I’m going be leaking some of hottest cooking inventions that will make you wild out. I got dishes that you wouldn’t ever even think of. I also got another blog (wordpress for free) about budgeting and eating healthy (link coming soon). So when the end of the month comes around you goin say “thank you, chef”

Beef Wellington

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